Best tank. Tier 10

Best heavy tank. Tier 10

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Best medium tank. Tier 10

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Best tank destroyer. Tier 10

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Best SPG. Tier 10

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37 comments on “Best tank. Tier 10”

What is this poll
GC worst teir 10 arty? lmao

50B is also not worse than 57 heavy
and JgPz in not the second best TD

Best heavy is FV215b, TD is the T110E3, medium is the 121, and arty is T92…

Best Meds are Batchat (if used right), T62A, STB-1 with the great turret, great gun, and 10 deg depression, E50M Great armor, Leo most fun. HT… T110E5, E100, T57 is BEAST, IS7 overrated. TD… Waffle tractor best no doubt, followed by T110E3 with godlike armor, and 263 very very underrated. Great gun, as manourvable as many mediums, piss poor sides and open top (arty love it). Best arty Conquer GC.

best arty is t92 because it is bigger gun in the game

u sayin obj 263 is the worst tier 10 TD?
i cri at mistakes
so much dmg, so much armor.

This list is more rigged to how many players have the tank, how many ha e played it on test

and RIP AMX 50 b, you were always meant to be a med.


I like very much World of tanks. I think Maus is the best tank in tier 10.

Best heavies in order from best to worst is is4, t57 heavy, t110e5, e100, is7, amx 50b, 113, type 5 heavy,
fv215b, maus,

Why so many butthurt ppl, it’s a voting thing, if it’s not how you suposed then cry in silence. Everyone has it’s best tank in mind. Don’t be so short minded,feg.

Cruciateous_Nerf_God16.08.16 at 3:14 pm

IS4 is beast It has a German-like Gun it has mediocre speed it has OP AND GODLIKE ARMOUR.

Why is CAX not included in the medium tank list , forums say it better than leopard 1 in terms of the current combat trend . I think CAX should be included in this poll

CCA 7th Armd26.03.17 at 2:36 pm

Never liked the T92 arty. Reload time used a calendar, accuracy was poor and too slow to maneuver. M53/55 almost always out scores the 92.

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