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Best heavy tank. Tier 10

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Best medium tank. Tier 10

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Best tank destroyer. Tier 10

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37 comments on “Best tank. Tier 10”

FV4202 is the best tier 10 medium,if not the second..
it is like a leopard 1 with a lower speed and a quite good armor ..
I think that it is the best tier 10 medium tank…i hope you do the same!!!

hello sa lahat

2 stephen:
hello πŸ™‚

***** franc?s tanks… I also t92 is better arty on wot and i also t110e3 is good…

And i have t110e5 and is nice tank very nice!

well i think the best is the one that suits most players more. since there are times (especially maps) that gives advantages for certain tanks. like hilly maps are advantageous for tanks with nice depression, or open maps are advantageous for arties with quick aim since their target will most likely move all the time

i can’t believe that is-7 is is the 1st tier 10 heavy tank!!
is-7 is a very s*ity tank
autoloaders are awesome!!

Plp like the USA stuff…. Umm

every tier x tank is very good

MAUS is the best HEAVY tank,

Maus has the best armor and the most in the game! IS-7 is still a very good tank.

Prety much all this lists are totally wrong.

is7 is far from being the best heavy tank, Well i can atleast agree on the tank destroyers atleast a bit but the arties is the most wrong part Conqueror Gun Carriage is the best tier 10 artillery in the game for the moment. STB-1 is pretty much the best medium aswell since it have the best dpm of all tier 10 mediums and -10 gun depression and it have the mobility aswell.

ricardogunnz14.06.14 at 2:01 pm

i love ppl voting wt and 155 just because they are autoloaders.

IS4 is beast if u angle 30-40degrees. Its (in my opinion the best tier X tank). E100 has week lower plate, is7 is weak at a distance,maus its slow and easily flanked, 113 is just simpily bad, t57 heavy has a weak turret. (Tons of stuff i cant say enough about other tanks). I am not a medium player so i dont know about meds. TDs is waffentrager aug E100… Its just OP.

P.S if someone could tell me what medium line i should take please tell

Best heavy-T110E5 Best Medium-Obj 140 Best TD-Jg.Pz.E100 Best SPG-T92

2nd best: T57 Heavy, B-C25t, T110E4, B-C155 58

Maus is the shittiest garbage I have ever seen. It exists because it teases new players in WOT.

So your saying i should get 140 for meds

t110e5 is a bad heavy just sayin it has a huge lower plate. IS4 is the way to go

XxXsneakXxXdissinXxX29.10.14 at 4:12 pm

to me the best tier 10 is the E-50M wt.E-100

Where is FV4005? It is a beast πŸ˜›

T-62A and E-50m are the best mediums.

Obj 430 last place?.. This is realy totaly wrong
I have a bc25t and obj430 and i think obj430 is much better than bc25t…

There is no best or worst, its all up to the driver an his preferance.

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