Best tank. Tier 3

Best medium tank. Tier 3

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Best tank destroyer. Tier 3

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Best SPG. Tier 3

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Best light tank. Tier 3

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18 comments on “Best tank. Tier 3”

Hi! You didn’t add German “Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. A” to list of “” 😉

I mean in the list of Best medium tank. Tier 3

thank you. I will fix it.

The Medium III doesn’t deserve to figure in the poll.

Why not ?

Because it is terrible !

added Pz. IV A

I certianly disagree with the tier 3 tank destroyers best being the Marder.
I used the Valentine AT and that was possibly my favourite tank i Have ever used.
Right now I use an AT-2 (also OP)

I would have voted for the Panzer II J for best light tank…
Although it would skew the data! (TooOP4ThisList)

The AT2 is a excellent tank but I seems to be quite vunerable to tanks with howitzers
Like that of the T40 and PzIVH

Can you please add France nation Somua S35 Medium tier 3 tank its not on the list

Valentine AP with a derp is nasty. I’m surprised more people didn’t pick it. Also pretty shocked at the anti-Japan bias. The Japanese medium got no respect in the Tier II poll, either. Japan clearly has the best mediums in both tiers II and III.

Where is Tier III LT LTP?

Where is the d1

T18 tank destroyer is an awesome tank got so many one shot kills withit either head on or angled

They need to add the LT vz. 38. That thing is a beast! Probably my favorite tier 3

You didn’t add the best tier three tank. It is a light gold tank. It is called LTP

Anthony Atwell29.11.16 at 4:14 pm

What about the su 76i ?

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