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Best heavy tank. Tier 4

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22 comments on “Best tank. Tier 4”

Omg ! 8 % think that the AMX40 is the best tier IV light tank. LOL

I think that the T-80 is pretty good. Much better than covenanter, much better than Crusader!!!

Missing StuG III B in “Best tank destroyer. Tier 4”

added StuG III B

soullessrain31.12.14 at 3:51 am

the amx 40 is the best tier 4 light tank and one of the 3 best tier 4 tanks in the game the others being the hetzer and the matilda. the lunch, m5 and covenanter suck in comparison if a amx 40 were to vs any of them in a 1v1 they would die I think people are voting for there favorite tier 4 not the best one

Covenanter is a highly mobile, small target. It has a totally ridiculous 15 degrees of gun depression, with a 200 average damage clip and a good enough APCR round. In easily outclasses the other light tanks. To the gent above suggesting the AMX 40 would beat it in a 1v1…no way. A cov would run circles around the AMX 40, and a clip and a half of APCR would easily do the job.

I’d like a word or two with game architects:) Ridiculous really – Russians who used M3 Lee sent as aid by U.S. called it ‘coffin for seven brothers’ – it lit like a match. In this game this POS is tier IV top gun?? Unloaded seven undercaliber rounds on one yesterday with my Pz.IVD/75mm and caused 0 (zero) damage??? And thus in almost every tier – U.S. vehicles which were (arguably) worst and weakest on every scene all the sudden rule battlefields? Hate to admit but it’s a bit of a put-off for me:(

Trouble with this poll is that the classes in the game don’t match the attributes and play style for several tanks.
The Matilda, Valentine, AMX 40 all play as heavys for example, while (more controversially) I’d argue a M8a1 and a t28 both can be played as true fast mediums, or campy sipingTDs depending on the circumstances (unlike say a kv1s, which whatever the tomatoes think is totally useless camped in a bush aimed at the other side of the map).

I’d argue that would give us winners of the Matilda as best heavy (it’s probably the best tier 4 overall), t28 best medium. It tends to be driven by people who don’t understand how to use it, which is why it gets such a poor rep – use its speed to flank mid game and avoid hits, rather than running off in it to certain death in the first 30 secs. I tend to find racking up 800-1000 useful DMG is pretty achievable more or less regardless of their, while that can be heavy gong in a Matilda if your team is good just because the mop everybody up before you get close enough to get a short in on them…

Missing Pzb2 in tier 4 heavy

milfbangerpro25.07.15 at 10:18 am

where the medium tanks?!

SomeGuyWhoPlaysWoT30.10.15 at 11:36 am

People hate on the m3 lee sooo much and say it sucks… Thats only if you dont know how to play it correctly… I loved my lee and am curr in the process of going through it again to get the t1 heavy(as i already have the sherman) as for the matilda, it may be the best t4 in the game bc of its amazig armor and ridiculously amazing gun it has, put vents, a rammer, and your choice of another equipment and with a fully trained crew the reload gets down to around 2 seconds and it just rips enemies apart and they cant pen you especially if you angle well

SARL 42?

btdubs the marder.38T is better than the feaking hetzer


To the chap named Conner that thinks that marker could beat hetzer, go shove that tiny marker gun up ur ass and go fuck yourself, hetzer is so much better. The armor. YES, The gun. YES. Seriously, r u high bro?

Wow, the are missing Type 95 heavy

they are missing the Type 95 heavy

VvInfernoKingvV15.01.17 at 3:59 pm

Naw man Pz.III German tier IV

I don’t understand why the A-20 isn’t higher. It moves quick as anything on the field and can get on the flanks in a hurry. It’s gun reloads ridiculously fast. Compared to the Luchs it would take it down every time. Before the Luchs could reload it would killed by the A-20.

what about SU-85b

what about SU-85b
any russian?
I need suggestions
i’m desperate 🙁

Just love the flexibioity of the M8A1.
Almost as fast as a scout, the gun of a TD and a turret.
Choice of snappy 57mm or a damage dealing 3inch gun.
I love the Hetzer with its derp gun but losing camo and vision when shifting aim left or right can be a pain.
with the M8 I just go straight to scout positioons, spot a couple, unload a few shots and run away to relocate.

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