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Author: demon2597

Arcade mode

Gun sight of tank


Sniper mode

Gun sight of tank
Description: Mod replaces a standard sight. Simple and informative sight.


To install the mod(Gun sight of tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.0
Compatible with 9.0 game version.

File size 0.33 MB
Download link - Gun sight of tank v.3

Old versions:
Compatible with 8.11, 8.10, 8.9, 8.8 game versions.

File size 0.07 MB
Download link - Gun sight of tank v.3

Compatible with 8.7, 8.6, 8.5, 8.4 game versions.
File size 0.07 MB
Download link - Gun sight of tank v.3

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25 thoughts on “Gun sight of tank v.3”

  1. John says:

    this look cool.
    I think there some stuff missing because the blue circle does not appear in sniper mode…..

  2. John says:

    yeah I think crosshair sniper is missing….

  3. Leiks94 says:

    It lacks a file for the scanner and reticle , pls repear it. :) but good Mod’ !

  4. ed. says:

    2 Leiks94:
    there are no other files.

  5. ed. says:

    up to 8.8

  6. ed. says:

    yes! I found blue crosshair sniper :)

  7. kalb says:

    How?? Was it added or do we have to do a setting?

  8. flo says:

    hi,is there any way to change colour from blue to green as it was in the old version?thanks

  9. ed. says:

    2 kalb:
    Download and install it again

  10. ed. says:

    2 flo:
    just delete “res_mods\ 0.8.8\gui\scaleform\crosshair_sniper.swf”

  11. Oli says:

    This is a cool crosshair mod. Thanks for it – good work!

    But there is one thing I do not understand:
    Sometimes the Crosshair generates something like a circular wave from the center. This effect is quite pretty, but a little bit irritating for my taste.

    1. What is it made for/ What kind of event triggers it?
    2. Can I somehow disable it or can you upload a disabled version?

    Thanx in advance

  12. ed. says:

    2 Oli:
    1 It comes each time when your gun reloaded.
    2 no. no

  13. Oli says:


    Ahhh ok – when you know the reason – it makes sense and is no longer irritating. One thing I recognized now is: When the gun reloaded in arcade-sight the wave appeares -and it appears another time (without reloading again) when you switch to sniper mode after that. Is this repetition intended?

  14. ed. says:

    2 Oli:
    I do not know. This is a question for the author of this mod

  15. phillip says:

    these reticles are not showing up in the wot reticle section ,no where to adjust them

  16. ed. says:

    Compatible with 8.9 game version

  17. phillip says:

    adjust then during the battle

  18. ed. says:

    Compatible with 8.10 game version

  19. ed. says:

    Compatible with 8.11 game version

  20. wot says:

    how do you download it

  21. EddieCivic4g says:

    Downloaded, and installed it, but nothing happened. Original wot-crosshair not changed…

  22. ed. says:

    2 EddieCivic4g:
    checked. works fine.

  23. EddieCivic4g says:

    Uninstalled, downloaded again, and after install, works fine:)

  24. ed. says:

    up to 9.0

  25. phillip says:

    can u guys make a 30x zoom for the gun plus zoom amplitude indicator in red ? .. great site by the way .

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