Gun sight of tank v.3

Author: demon2597

Arcade mode

Gun sight of tank

Sniper mode

Gun sight of tank
Description: Mod replaces a standard sight. Simple and informative sight.

To install the mod(Gun sight of tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.20 MB
Download link – Gun sight of tank v.3

44 comments on “Gun sight of tank v.3”

Slt il fonctionne très bien – version 9.0

Come on, please update this mod

Those mods blocking wot if i put them on game. Why

9.2 ?

MachineTheLast03.10.14 at 5:03 pm

Best mode

Come’on man, make that update for 9.4 pls

Come’on man, update to 9.5 plssss

dude, it isn’t compatible… I had installed it and I can’t see the gun marker

update it to 9.7

OMG update it to 9.9

Total retard to not update it.

Any update planned?

update it to 9.10 pls…thx

zalimulubeyli20.03.16 at 6:54 pm

9,14 pls

Wher is the aiming indicator???

I mean in the sniper view?


At first battle (from booting PC or WoT.exe?), all of GUI will go away.
You can control the tank, but extremely difficult to battle well.
“Esc” Key will not work, you have to restart WoT.exe with using Task manager like that.
After that, GUI losing error will not occur (maybe).

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