Gun sight of tank v.3

Author: demon2597

Arcade mode

Gun sight of tank

Sniper mode

Gun sight of tank
Description: Mod replaces a standard sight. Simple and informative sight.

To install the mod(Gun sight of tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.20 MB
Download link – Gun sight of tank v.3

43 comments on “Gun sight of tank v.3”

Slt il fonctionne très bien – version 9.0

Come on, please update this mod

Those mods blocking wot if i put them on game. Why

9.2 ?

MachineTheLast03.10.14 at 5:03 pm

Best mode

Come’on man, make that update for 9.4 pls

Come’on man, update to 9.5 plssss

dude, it isn’t compatible… I had installed it and I can’t see the gun marker

update it to 9.7

OMG update it to 9.9

Total retard to not update it.

Any update planned?

update it to 9.10 pls…thx

zalimulubeyli20.03.16 at 6:54 pm

9,14 pls

Wher is the aiming indicator???

I mean in the sniper view?

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