Gun sight of tank v.5

Author: Deegie

Arcade mode

Gun sight of tank

Sniper mode

Gun sight of tank

Artillery mode

Gun sight of tank

Description: An animated arcade, sniper and artillery sight in futuristic style for WoT

To install the mod(Gun sight of tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\mods\
Compatible with 9.18.0 game version.

File size 0.9 MB
Download link – Gun sight of tank v.5

217 comments on “Gun sight of tank v.5”

n’existe t’il pas une version ou le tour n’est pas en noir ?
you do not it is a version or the tower is not black?

It is saying tank underfined in game for me. Are there missing files?

perhaps mod conflict with other already installed.

Please this Gun sgiht on 8.930.10.13 at 9:26 am

Please this Gun sight on version 8.9 Thenks.. =)

I like the part of this mod showing the armor thickness.
The rest I don’t need to see,can I delete taht part of the mod in some way?
Or is there a mod just showing the recticle /armor thickness?

2 frieb:
you can delete Arcade, Sniper or Artillery sight, but not part of them.

ty,what exactly do I have to delete to just keep the recticle/armor thickness?

2 frieb:
you do not get what you want by deleting files.
better use this mod

@ed:This mod doens’nt seem to have recticle/armor thickness?

2 frieb:
yes you are right

Love it but can you try mashing it with Gun Sight Version 1? i would totally use that thanks!

and if you cant do that is there a way to make those 2 extra info thingys become 2Dish or like parralle to the Recticle? the 3Dness kinda hurts my eyes and if thats not possible wat about like raising where it shows like a little higher in the page….thanks!

2 Sam:
no. I can not

can you tell me what the – number means when you are looking at a tank. do not know what that means sometimes it is blue and then sometimes it is red. other then that I love the mod keep up the good work

2 gotink:
probably numbers indicate the thickness of armor at this point
colors is the chance of penetration.
Red – no chance to penetrate armor.
blue – a big chance to penetrate armor.

Gun sight crosshairs the best I know. Thanks Ed for the constant updating of your site. It is excellent.

One suggestion … could merge the two mini-maps so as to have two joints info? Direction of tankes area and the radios? It would be great
hug 🙂

no I was talking about when you sight in on enemy team on the right side of the sight there is a number like -25% sometimes it is higher when you get closer to the tank if you could show something like you did with the other sight. a info panel for that sight would be nice. if you could tell what everything is on the sights would be nice if not I understand thank you for your time.

2 Carlan:
maybe after updating all mods.

This mod beyond the usual info in sniper mode:
1 – Name of the tank
2 – gun installed
3 – time loading gun
4 – view in meters

More information about the possible damage percentage and color as the angle of shooting:
* Red = hard penetration
* Yellow = good chance of penetrating
* Green = easy penetration

oh ok thanks ed one lastquestion….can u create a sniper mod so that you can zoom in EVEN more? thanks love this site and the mods

thank you ed that is what I was looking for. keep up the good work

Does anyone know how to increase the zoom in target mode from 8x to 30x

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