Gun sight of tank v.5

Author: Deegie

Arcade mode

Gun sight of tank

Sniper mode

Gun sight of tank

Artillery mode

Gun sight of tank

Description: An animated arcade, sniper and artillery sight in futuristic style for WoT

To install the mod(Gun sight of tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\mods\
Compatible with 9.18.0 game version.

File size 0.9 MB
Download link – Gun sight of tank v.5

217 comments on “Gun sight of tank v.5”

Whatäs that on 2nd pic (Sniper mode) the green stuf? How can I activate it?

And waiting for version 9.8!

Best scope ever! Thanx 🙂

Tank distance did not work well either in general panel or sniper sight

cant get it to work what exactlyd o I have to do?

Great stuff but armor thickness don’t work… help please… !!

on my pc all the mods dont work i dont know why 🙁

Waiting for v 0.9.9 old one doesn’t work propertly on new version.

plz upgrade to 9.9 patch thx

This mod is legal

ok if you guys want to get rid of most of the hud and just use the armor thickness go into the xml with note pad and turn everything to flase true is on flase is off and if you want it even more off make everything with a number to zero.

gimme 0.9.10 ^^


plz upgrade to 9.10 patch then i can use this again because it is my favorite thx

üdv! az eredeti res módból nem kell kitörölnöm semmit ugye? ezt berakom és annyi?

really really really helpful tool.

There is just one thing that disturbs me about the target circles:
– the target circles in sniper mode are all blue. I can’t figure out which one is for my cannon and which are just decoration. How can i delete them or change colour.
– and the arcade target sign is not a circle. Is there a chance to make it round or delete it?

Other thing that I really wish to have is the penetration/damage of the enemy cannon instead of the caliber. Or even an enemy tank armor strenght right next to the tank name.

Can I do some of this changes on my own?

update for 0.9.12 ???

Will this gun sight return for version 9.12? I really like this gun sight.

plz Upgrade auf 9.12 Patch !!

Will there be an update?

I installed it completly right but it doesnt work can someone help me

Any news for update 0.9.13???

I’m wondering how to get from the sniper mode using artillery, to jump to ground level view from the overview mode?

good morning, in 0.9.13 doesn’t work, please upgrade

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