Hit log without XVM

Author: Rain, DimiqueII
Hit log without XVM
Description: It is a simple mod that displays the total damage caused by your tank. Mod works without XVM.

To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with,, game versions.

File size 0.80 MB
Download link – Hit log without XVM

27 comments on “Hit log without XVM”

omg thnx thnx withoud XVM πŸ˜€

(becaus i have bad PC thats why i need it withoud xvm) πŸ™‚

anyway to show hit log? not just the total dmg of the tank? Thks in advance.

PD: I tried to edit the files, but i dont know how to enable what i need.

By default this addon just show the total dmg done at the moment, but it would be great if we can see the hit log like in xvm or so. I tried to config the .json file in order to do it, but its really hard and complex for me. Could you please add a .json file with any working config? Thanks in advance and thanks again for this good mod.

hi there computer GODS, how does the worlds biggest computer noob down load and unzip to folder World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ 0.9.6

Thank you (haven’t seen if it works yet)
ive been looking for this for quite some time now

hi, MOD hits its not function 9.8 πŸ™

When come the 9.8, since its on russian sites is availible…

Not Work on 0.9.8

2 ManiacVar:
It works for me

very good

need damage dealt + blocked without XVM

How to change color for damage??

Rly nice but can do it on white version?

nvm, i found it.

up 0.9.10 plz

HOOOrAY! atleast for 9.12!

Update for 9.14 please!

with this mod after update 9.14 i cant invite or accept platoons..anyone has the same or is my stupid pc problem?
thank you!

Invitation in game does not work

wait for fix

It is fixed?

i try it again today(16Mar) and not working

update. bug is fixed

thank you!!!

Thx for bugfix and update! TY!

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