Icon of tanks v.1

Author: xobotyi, galagan, ed
Icon of tanks
Description: Mod replaces standard icons with simple and informative icons. Near each icon is an badge of the nation.

To install the mod(Icon of tanks), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with 9.17.1 game version.

File size 6.5 MB
Download link – Icon of tanks

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9.6 pls ?

Yeah, 2 new tanks have been added within 9.6. Would be nice when someone updates this mod.

Those 2 new prem tanks were already added to the mod in 9.5 or earlier. It works fine for 9.6.

But I have found 2 bugs so far. AMX CDC have haevy colour (Yellow). And Obj. 704 is missing the national icon. Think it got a completley new tank icon after it was changed to HD. Could you please fix these 2 bugs Ed? 🙂

When there will be a version what is up to date with all the new tanks that are in the game right now (9.7)? Maybe you can explain where the icons can be found so someone else can colorize them?

I know that tons of Tank Icons Mods are out there, but i liked that simple colorized stuff. 🙁

2 Reggy:
it’s ready for 9.7
Download it 🙂

Thanks. Thats damn cool. As I said I really like this simple colorized and nation badge tank icons. I don’t like these overpainted and with a lot of blinkblink tank icons. :))


seems lot of things changed within 0.9.9. Even for some older tanks (mainly what are remade in HD) the icons dont work anymore.

How is the chance for some updated version?

Thanks in advance.


New tanks arrived in 9.10. Any chance for an update of this simple tank icon mod?

spirit of fire05.11.15 at 3:30 pm

Hello ed
Did you support the skin and nation of M4A1 Revalorisé ?

Is this made with the tank icon maker app, isnt it? Do you bother to export the config file so we can run it on our own if we want?

2 Sel:
I am not the author of this mod

Can we expect a 9.13 update? 🙂

This is still working at Update 9.17.0

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