Icon of tanks v.1

Author: xobotyi, galagan, ed
Icon of tanks
Description: Mod replaces standard icons with simple and informative icons. Near each icon is an badge of the nation.

To install the mod(Icon of tanks), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with 9.17.1 game version.

File size 6.5 MB
Download link – Icon of tanks

89 comments on “Icon of tanks v.1”

up to 7.5 version

Working on 7.5 and its nice

up to 8.0 wot version

Could you add the premium tank indicators like in previous versions?

2 Hank:

Does this mod work in 8.1? I cant seem toget it to function, and another mod I got from here to work. The 3rd mod I got from this site works great.

2 Guido:
yes, works.

Does this icon mod works in 8.2 version ???
I tryed it 2 days ago and it seems to not working!
in previus version 8.1 it was working properly

2 m0l0t0f:
works fine on 8.2

It work now, thank you πŸ™‚

Thank you for the mod. This is perfect, simple and helpfull.

2 mef:
enjoy πŸ™‚

Is it any update for 8.3? Thanks.

is this one works for 8.3 ?

Just want to point out that the T1E6 is missing the premium marker.

2 Nick:
Thank you. Will correct

Thank you for the update!

Have you added the Tier Ten Chinese heavy, the 113?

Ok cool, thanks

Well it looks cool and all but could someone explain what means what? What do colors mean. icons under country etc. Help file would…well help.


The blues are medium tanks – the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Any update for 0.8.4?

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