Modules compatible with this tank:


Tier Name Armor, mm Traverse Speed, d/s Traverse Arc, deg View Range, m XP Cost Price Weight, kg
VIII T-10 201/129/50 26 360 380 33,680 11,000
IX T-10M 201/129/50 26 360 400 28,300 66,500 11,000


Tier Name Damage, HP Penetration, mm Reload time, s Accuracy, m XP Cost Price Weight, kg
VIII 122 mm D-25T 390/390/465 175/217/61 11.81 0.46 125,140 2,590
IX 122 mm BL-9 390/390/465 225/265/68 12.71 0.4 44,000 178,500 2,790
X 122 mm M62-T2 440/530/440 268/68/400 12.71 0.38 59,300 295,500 3,397


Tier Name Power, hp Fire Chance, % Type XP Cost Price Weight, kg
IX V-12-5 700 15 Diesel 84,000 1,024
IX V-12-6 750 15 Diesel 26,350 84,200 1,024


Tier Name Load Limit, t Traverse Speed, d/s XP Cost Price Weight, kg
VIII Т-10 50.9 28 27,920 10,000
IX Т-10М 58.9 30 23,800 66,500 10,000


Tier Name Range, m XP Cost Price Weight, kg
VII 10RK 440 18,600 100
IX 12RT 625 5,600 33,600 110
X R113 730 8,700 52,200 80
Equipment compatible with this tank:
Improved Ventilation Class 3. +5 to role and skill training level percentages for all crew membersLarge-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer. -10% Loading TimeEnhanced Gun Laying Drive. -9% Aiming Time at all timesVertical Stabilizer Mk 2. 20% reduction of the Accuracy PenaltiesCoated Optics. +10% View RangeCyclone Filter. +50% Engine hit pointsLarge Spall Liner. +15% Armor protection from ramming and explosionsWet Ammo Rack Class 2. +50% Ammo Rack hit pointsFill Tanks with CO2. +50% Fuel Tank hit pointsEnh. Torsion Bars 5+ t Class. +10% Suspension Load Limit and +30% to Suspension hit pointsBinocular telescope. +25% View Range when tank hull is stationary for 3 secondsCamouflage net. +25% to the tanks camouflage factor when the tank hull is stationary for 3 secondsToolbox. +25% Repair speed
Consumables compatible with this tank:
Small Repair Kit. Repairs one chosen damaged module until the end of the match when activated by the respective buttonSmall First Aid Kit. Heals one chosen injured crew member until the end of battle when activated by the respective buttonManual Fire Extinguishers. If the tank catches fire this consumable extinguishes it when activated by the respective buttonLend-Lease Oil. Increases engine power (and therefore, vehicle acceleration) by 5% for a single matchRemoved Speed Governor. While activated, it adds 10% to engine power (and therefore, vehicle acceleration), but your tanks engine suffers 1.5 hitpoints damage for each second you are acceleratingLarge Repair Kit. Repairs all currently damaged modules until the end of battle when activated by the respective buttonLarge First Aid Kit. Heals all currently injured crew members until the end of battle when activated by the respective buttonAutomatic Fire Extinguishers. Activates automatically 0.5 seconds after the tank catches fire and reduces the chance to catch fire by 10%Extra Combat Rations. Increases all crew skills percentages by 10 for one entire match

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