Minimap(Advanced) v.2

Author: Zmii_Gorynych, ed
Mini Map(Advanced) v.2

Description: Mod shows(within a radius of 500 meters) the direction of enemies guns and allied artillery.

To install the mod(Mini Map(Advanced) v.2), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with 9.18.0,, game versions.

File size 0.17 MB
Download link –Β Mini Map(Advanced) v.2

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works on 9.4 testsever

please add names of tank on minimal otherwise its useless

Waiting for 9.5 πŸ™‚

man add tank names on minimap otherwise this mod is useless πŸ™

2 Metek:
enable it in your wot settings.

Thank you very much, works and looks great.

ED where I can turn tank names ??? No option in settings
And pls add VR box and perfect could be if MY+Arti direction markercould be GREEN and enemy markers RED. This will be more visible on close range

2 Metek:
1. Settings -> General -> Enable Explanded Minimap features -> Always
2. these changes are not possible.

my minimaps is small, i need help

is possible enlarge map with ctrl or another shortcut ?

2 romik:
no. You must use locastan mod

Alternative visual (better imho):

1) copy this mode
2) copy xvm mode
3) delete “minimap.swf” from \gui\scaleform\

works great 9.12

This is a good minimap. All it needs are view range rings, last spotted at locations, and tank/user names and it will be a great minimap.

I have been thinking about things that could be added to the map:

15m bush ring
50m x-ray ring
445m render ring
stationary visible range ring (only displays when stopped)
Moving visible range ring (only displays when moving)
View range should take optics, binocs etc. into account.

Tank Types

Enemy Indicators:
Spotted but now out of sight,
Last position spotted,
Dead tank positions

If you can add these and your mini-map will be one of the best around.

doesn’t seem to work with 9.15.1

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