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No shrubs and trees
Attention! This mod does not work correctly!


Use of this mod is prohibited by Wargaming.
If you using this mod, your World of Tanks account will be banned.
Please refrain from installing this mod.


Description: Mod removes trees and bushes. Mod increases fps(frames per second) for slow computers and notebooks.


To install the mod(No shrubs and trees), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.3
Compatible with 9.3, 9.2 game versions.


File size 0.06 MB
Download link - No trees


File size 0.09 MB
Download link - No shrubs and trees


Old versions:
Compatible with 9.1 game version.


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No trees


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No shrubs and trees


Compatible with 9.0, 8.11 game versions.


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No trees


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No shrubs and trees


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237 thoughts on “No shrubs and trees”

  1. adis says:

    will you update this mod one day…its 9.2 version if you didn’t know,c’mon update man…

  2. ed. says:

    up to 9.2

  3. M78 says:

    Buenas. En algunos mapas de batallas aparecen arboles y arbustos. Modificarlo,por favor. Para los que tenemos un PC lento nos viene muy bien. GRACIAS.

  4. ali says:

    not work

  5. Sejrherre says:

    Good mod.. but a big bug on each map. The bug is: you don’t know if the house in front of you is destroyed or the house is intact- even the small cars or other small buildings. Please fix this or delete it!

  6. adis says:

    Can you update it to 9.3?

  7. Oblivion says:

    untill ed fix this version you like, try this
    it will help you a little till updated.

  8. Armageddon says:

    pls give for 9.3

  9. Hacker says:

    can you update the mod to 9.3

  10. ed. says:

    Compatible with 9.3 game version

  11. WOTJunkyy says:

    not on all cards Compatible please update. Please write me what program you can edit the datein

  12. ed. says:

    I can not make it better.

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