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No shrubs and trees
Attention! This mod does not work correctly!


Use of this mod is prohibited by Wargaming.
If you using this mod, your World of Tanks account will be banned.
Please refrain from installing this mod.


Description: Mod removes trees and bushes. Mod increases fps(frames per second) for slow computers and notebooks.


To install the mod(No shrubs and trees), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.1
Compatible with 9.1 game version.


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No trees


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No shrubs and trees


Old versions:
Compatible with 9.0, 8.11 game versions.


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No trees


File size 0.05 MB
Download link - No shrubs and trees


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222 thoughts on “No shrubs and trees”

  1. Gosho says:

    Thanks dude you’re the best!

  2. andzrej_M says:

    jak to sie sciaga ? klikam i wyrzuca mnie do glownego ! pomocy

  3. ed. says:

    2 andzrej_M:
    spróbuj innej przeglądarki

  4. Jame says:

    If it work I’ll Give U 1000 Thumps UP

  5. NeCro says:

    No Se Puede Usar Este Mod ¿?

  6. 100JCo says:

    If you can update speedtree for 9.1 the whole community would be gratefull!
    btw old speedtree works in 9.1 but there is some map changes for komarin and artic region than need to be reworked.
    thx in advance ;)

  7. GSmith says:

    Seconding 100JCo here and patiently awaiting an updated version of the mod. It’s pretty much :the: most critical mod for old clunky machines, and I do happen to be stuck with one for at least a month more…

  8. Oblivion says:

    2 100JCo
    this is the one i use without any problems on any map. u can use this folder in any version, the only problem will be any new maps not the reworked ones! test it!

  9. 100JCo says:

    Thx Oblivion! I played several battles and didn’t got any of those reworked maps so could see the difference. I’ll keep trying :)

  10. GSmith says:

    Sorry, but Oblivion’s solution doesn’t increase fps nearly at all, it only allows the foliage to be more transparent. This mod is to remove the foliage for practical fps gain, not provide foliage x-ray vision.

    Still hoping for a valid, updated version~

  11. Felmarvito Ayuban says:

    Pls do make a version for 9.1 and this mod is the best to install for slow computers indeed a big change in your gameplay when you have highrr fps :)

  12. luka says:

    pls update this mod to 9.1

  13. Gosho says:

    Update the mod to 9.1 Thank you!

  14. ed. says:

    up to 9.1

  15. MisaMisa says:

    Updating it is quite simple, as it turns out. Komarin didn’t seem to need it, I only patched the Kharkov folder and added it to the collective Speedtree folder. So… pretty much the 9.1-updated version of this mod (that is, with Kharkov added), is here:

  16. MisaMisa says:

    oh. turns out I posted my link 3 minutes after the mod got officially updated. Silly me ^^

  17. Rommel says:

    Would it be possible to make this MOD activate/deactivate itself with a key stroke? It helps my FPS a lot but sometimes I need see if I’m hidden, specially when playing a TD. Thanks

  18. ed. says:

    it is not possible.

  19. cosmosxam says:

    @ ed
    Actualy it is possible and im using it
    Its illegal but as long you not taking pictures when you using it your safe

  20. adis says:

    When the new version come out,I cant run the game normaly?

  21. luka says:

    Pls update this mod to 9.2. Thanks.

  22. Rommel says:

    Cosmos…Are you saying that you have this mod changed so you can activate it with a key stroke while in game? If so, can you post the change please. Thank you

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