Damage panel v.4

Author: HellCatShi, s2rok
Panel damage v.4

Description: Mod replaces the standard damage panel with the panel in style of an octagon. Panel displays the amount of damage of each hit caused to to your tank

To install the mod(Panel damage v.4), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with 9.18.0 game version.

File size 0.6 MB
Download link – Panel damage v.4

14 comments on “Damage panel v.4”

The consumable icons are over the hp bar :\

2 pach1:
What is screen resolution do you use?

Fixed editing xvm config:
“consumablesPanel”: {
“h”: null,
“a”: null,
“y”: 690, <——
"va": null,
"x": null,
"debug": false,
"w": null,
"ha": null

Best damage panel!

How do you fix the hp bar overlapping with ammo/consumables?
Will use if this problem gets fixed

The consumable icons are over the status bar!!! Please solve this problem!! :/ 🙂

Have in mind, this HUD can take away as much as 15 fps from your performance, just tested. Definitely not recommended for older machines. Be warned.

2 GSmith:

Compatible with 8.9 game version

Compatible with 8.10 game version

added video review

Compatible with 9.0 game version

Can u make it cyan like gun sight v5 ?

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