Damage panel v.1

Author: Bionick, ed
Panel damage v.1

Description: Mod replaces the standard damage panel. Panel displays the amount of damage of each hit caused to to your tank

To install the mod(Panel damage v.1), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.8 MB
Download link – Panel damage v.1

116 comments on “Damage panel v.1”

please update so it is available for 7.4 version

This is by far my favourite damage panel mod…
but would it be possible to use a different font?
i have nothing against the original one used, but i have a pretty high rez screen and this one is a bit difficult to read.

alas… i got excited too early….
damaged components are not shown in the display, the tank and components remain grey if they are damaged or destroyed…

and now i feel very stupid for not reading the BRIGHT RED text….

why doesn’t the damage panel light up the damaged or destroyed modules or crews?(This is a question for the Bright Red text)(If possible, please fix it)

Work is going. It may take few months.

Fixed. Download it

Work on 7.5. Font is shit.

why does the 11:53 mean it goes up by one every now and again

try reinstall yours mods

I think the panel takes too much space and I’m running 1920×1080. The transparency part on the right is unnecessary as it just displays name, tank, speed and HP. A WoT log and clock are not useful. Would you consider a version more condensed, something like this mock-up?



As Radek said, this is the best mod currently out!
But I have also issues with the font. It’s hard to read!
Where can I change it (or make the original font appear insted)???

2 Snyrren:
wait for mod-up after 8.2 update

Can you update thisgreat mod for 8.2? to show the repair module indicator?

Love this demage panel , i find it a lil big though , and chance to tighten it up just a lil ? .. and just wanted to say , your website and mods are great, you guys seem to know what guys want for wot , keep up the great work !

2 radu:
it will take some time

Loved this when you first released it.
Has the text message staying onscreen been fixed after you get set on fire?

Also, do you know of a way to allow the location of the damage panel to be able to be set by the user? Does it have to be on the outside edge? Be nice to be able to set where you want this dynamically.

Having panels way out on edge when using multiple monitors gets a bit tough on the neck (5790 x 1080)

2 HERMITech:
Text changed to “Tank burns!!” when you get set on fire.

For your needs is necessary to create a new mod.
I’ll try to help you in two weeks.

It doesn’t show hits and damage taken any more.can this issue be fixed please??

it shows.sorry,my bad.

Put ALL fonts Arial

I love the look and feel. I miss a clear timer on module repairs.

Good look and feel but not finished.

Loved this damage panel until I realized that it did not include the repair timer. Can’t live without that, so had to uninstall. I will keep checking though, and hopefully that gets added to this panel.

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