Damage panel v.1

Author: Bionick, ed
Panel damage v.1

Description: Mod replaces the standard damage panel. Panel displays the amount of damage of each hit caused to to your tank

To install the mod(Panel damage v.1), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.8 MB
Download link –Β Panel damage v.1

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2 cosmosxam:
did not think about it. maybe later

Dear ed. i don t want to seem impatience or ungreatfull to you, but this feature is extremly important. when i get detracked ot turret damaged by arty or long shot, i decide not to use my repair kit since i am safe. if an enemy aproaches it is annoying to rush and use the repair kit because i had 1sec left to autorepair or when they hit my tracks again to know that repair time is extended. So, if you think that you can fix this, i beg you to give it a priority. It is not a minor fix but a huge help to ALL of us that use it. Right now its like we r blind at our repair times. Sorry about the long message but you can easy find out that all people using this mod wants the same!!!

Affirmative! πŸ˜› with Oblivion , and thx

Compatible with 8.9 game version

any luck of fixing the modules repair time?

2 Oblivion:
not yet.

Mind to post picture of how it looks? ;D

Compatible with 8.10 game version

added video review

Compatible with 8.11 game version

damaged modules repair times STILL don t work. Can you fix that please?

2 Oblivion:
maybe later. I updating other mods now

ed, my request wasn t made yesterday. i made that request on 2th of Aprin on 2013!! and you still say the same thing.
So, are you or aren t you going to fix that? I rather know the truth that hold on a lie. Because if you CAN T fix it i must search for someone that can really fix it. But i need to know if you are able to fix it or you just look for it on other sites.

2 Oblivion:
I can not promise. Decompile and compile “. swf” files a complicated process. After compiling “. swf” file may not function properly. Much time is spent on testing… I spent a lot of time updating it to version 8.4…
So, if you know someone who is versed in Adobe Flash and actionscript 3, ask him to do this mod and share it with everyone.
After updating all mods I’ll try to update this one, but I can not promise anything….

i tried to do so myself with no knowledge at all but even though i got decompilers etc i couldn t find it πŸ™ i will try to find a person with those skills you mentioned and if i do i ll upload it so you could help all the rest! Than you for your time and your responce!!!

update added countdown timer for damaged modules.
test it please

Amazing!!! You are the BEST! Tested and working like a charm!!!
Can i ask you to make the same adjustment to another version that i already got? http://www.filebig.net/files/btxSUAPeQQ (more transparent ;P )
I would also like if it is able to add the Tankname again on the left of the nickname just as it is shown in the picure above!
As for the waiting the only thing i can say is that IT WAS WORTH IT!

PS: you should adjust the picture with the timer showing so people will finally be able to use the BEST panel reworked by the BEST! On behalf of ALL players using this panel we aare GRATEFUL to you!

2 Oblivion:
Take it https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxvSB59Xxtr0Unh2MFc5UThESlE
I can not add Tankname for now

unfortunately it doesn t work at all. in fact it is a total mess. So i will use your version and i will w8 when you might make it more transparent πŸ˜‰ I am sure it will need a LOT of work to fix mine so i won t persist on that. Once again thank you very much for all your of time you spent on this!!!

Again i conform that it is working like a charm!!! Thank you again for all your efforts! Keep the file for further updates if u like πŸ˜‰

Compatible with 9.0 game version

Ok! I know it is aa bad time during new update but i got an awesome idea if it will be easy for you! check this out! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/202794-088-damagepanel-with-angleindicator-discontinued/
you might add an angle skin on this panel and make it the ultimate panel of them all! In which we will be able to possiton our tanks with best angles in seconds without using anglebars that confuse and take us time to calculate!
So, if it is possible you only need to add the angle skin over our tank and it is all done!!!
of course if you do i remind you that i will need it also in the more transparent version that you fixed for me last time πŸ˜‰
No hurry for this modification, but i would like you to consider it if it is possible to make it soon!
It won t help only begginers but good players too because it will provide us the ultimate accurate information for our best possitioning!
Sorry for my long text!!

OMG! this this the ULTIMATE damage panel EVER!!!
You should upload it as Damage panel 6 with screenshot and a nc description explaaining that it has a working damaged module timer too!

I just used it once and i got 3 dings with my 416 from a Patton πŸ˜€
i was so sure for my angle that i made him retreat!

Thank you so much for this you are the best!

I know that my next request may be too much but i noticed (in that mod previews above) that there is a small white fat line stuck in front of hull that could help us see the exact point when hull is inlined with the different colored lines, so could it be added too? It is already awesome but with this will be absolutely perfect!

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