Shrubs and tree trunks

Author: Shrubs
Shrubs and tree trunks

Use of this mod is prohibited by Wargaming.
If you using this mod, your World of Tanks account will be banned.
Please refrain from installing this mod.

Description: Mod removes leaves from trees. Shrubs and tree trunks are displayed. Mod increases fps(frames per second) for slow computers and notebooks.

To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.9
Compatible with 9.9, 9.8.1 game versions.

File size 61.0 MB
Download link – Shrubs and tree trunks

Old versions:

Compatible with 9.7 game version.

File size 62.0 MB
Download link – Shrubs and tree trunks

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Hi developer(/s) of this mod. I still hope that this mod will be updated through this and next updates. I am really used to use this mod, because it’s best to give you view without bushes, but u can see close bushes in order to use their cammo effectively.

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