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Author: ed.

Shrubs and tree trunks


Use of this mod is prohibited by Wargaming.
If you using this mod, your World of Tanks account will be banned.
Please refrain from installing this mod.


Description: Mod removes leaves from trees. Shrubs and tree trunks are displayed. Mod increases fps(frames per second) for slow computers and notebooks.


To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.4
Compatible with 9.4 game version.


File size 64.4 MB
Download link - Shrubs and tree trunks


Old versions:
Compatible with 9.3 game version.


File size 63.2 MB
Download link - Shrubs and tree trunks


Compatible with 9.2 game version.


File size 63.2 MB
Download link - Shrubs and tree trunks


Compatible with 9.1 game version.


File size 61.3 MB
Download link - Shrubs and tree trunks


Compatible with 9.0 game version.


File size 61.9 MB
Download link - Shrubs and tree trunks


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250 thoughts on “Shrubs and tree trunks”

  1. Here says:

    We need this for 9.3 the one oblivion gave is more like removed all the folliage so you can’t tell where bushes are in sniper mode

  2. Oblivion says:

    2 Here: if you watch carefully u ll notice that bushes are shown only when u go close to them (same with tree) and some leaves are noticeable to determin the width and height of a bush. Of course it is better to use the one u like and got used to it but the one you describe is different than the one i use (link above) ;)

    PS: I know this mod it “illegal” these days but 2 days without it i only had 6-15fps and now i am back to 18-29 :D so untill they fix their lower graphics they shouldn t doom us not to play or play with lag like noobs.

  3. Rick says:

    Totally agree and thank you! Oblivion very much

  4. Here says:

    Oblivion it’s just it’s different than the one in the picture. Because normally in sniper mode, you can tell the bushes close to you, but not the ones at long range.

  5. Here says:

    I mean yours is fine for now, it’s just Ed’s is preferred for myself.

  6. Oblivion says:

    As i said, it is best to use the one u get used to it! If you snipe the right distance on a bush you can still see its leaves. But, why do you want to see a bush during snipe? Isn t it better to see the enemy and just pick his weaker spots more easy? Anyway, i only post mine for temporary solution as it is close to both mods that ed has and more or less all playes can continue their games till fix are made. I only wanna help a little because ed helped me A LOT and in every update he has a TONE of work to do and noone here appreciates it. Everybody is like “come one fix this” or “is it ready yet” etc
    Like if it was ready ed wouldn t announce it. We must all understand what we ask from ONLY one guy that has NOTHING to gain from this. We all must be more patience and grateful!

  7. inthepuff says:

    dear ed, can we get an update, please? without this essential mod the game is unplayable by 6fps. :(

  8. nr66man says:

    Hats off to ed when it comes it will be good

  9. ed. says:

    up to 9.3

  10. ivorysteel says:

    Thank you you for the upddate

  11. nr66man says:

    Tanks ed

  12. wot player says:

    Thank you you for the upddate

  13. MrBaz says:

    Thx man but how did you do it ?

  14. ed. says:

    DXTBmp + Photoshop :)
    instructions in the comments.

  15. Ufuk says:


    We need to this mod only works in sniper position. Shouldn’t work in arcade position.

    Can you do it?


  16. ed. says:

    2 Ufuk:
    hi, no.

  17. Ufuk says:

    My friends talking about this mod(only works in sniper) in 0.9.2.
    According to said, when zoom level up(x10 – x20), shrubs sparse step by step.

  18. heisen says:

    has anyone actually been banned? and how does wargaming know if you’re using this mod?
    i havent played for over a year when this mod was legal and i loved it

  19. George says:

    Only if you dumb enough to send in a ticket (vid or pix) or post on youtube with your game name shown will get you banned.

    I have said many times to ED and You OBV thanks for the great your doing ;P

  20. loleee says:

    As anyone been banned for using this ??

  21. 9.4 says:

    9.4 version?

  22. ivorysteel says:

    9.3 working on 9.4

  23. ed. says:

    up to 9.4

  24. 50cal says:

    Thank you for this mod.

  25. nr66man says:

    Sweet :)

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