Shrubs and tree trunks

Author: Shrubs
Shrubs and tree trunks

Use of this mod is prohibited by Wargaming.
If you using this mod, your World of Tanks account will be banned.
Please refrain from installing this mod.

Description: Mod removes leaves from trees. Shrubs and tree trunks are displayed. Mod increases fps(frames per second) for slow computers and notebooks.

To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.9
Compatible with 9.9, 9.8.1 game versions.

File size 61.0 MB
Download link – Shrubs and tree trunks

Old versions:

Compatible with 9.7 game version.

File size 62.0 MB
Download link – Shrubs and tree trunks

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Map “Hidden Village” was also changed

thanks you

I can not see through the bushes from patch 0.9.7.
30x zomm and i see only leaves.
Where is problem ?

Is there a version compatible with WOT 0.9.8?

2 Optimus:
yes, except one map.

Oblivion still dead? There is no reason to play anymore in wot without his up.

2 Pydryl, my friend please try to remember that THIS folder works on ANY version so far! So, now that has a new map and changes i am back and i am sorry for my absence. Remember that on 9.9 you can use AGAIN this folder and you might only have problems on possible new maps. Till then you can ALWAYS try to see if it still works 😉 Here is the running folder for now:

PS. Ed if you like, could you support this version too as a separate from the others? You only need to update names of map folders and if you need for a new map then copy the same file from another summer/desert/winter map inside. It is easy to fix/update and has transperancy enough to see tree trunks/shrub leeves when you want to take cover but don t annoy you in snipe or running!

Oblivion, i could support this version ‘transparent bushes’ but my photoshop fu*** up the DDS transparency. tried several setting when saving :(

i might be doing something wrong …
do u have some hints ?

i didn t make it. some dude used to sell this untill 8.4 and then he stopped updating it. I tried to copy files from summer mp (Malinovka) and paste them on any new summer maps and it worked! I did the same for winter maps (Erlenberg) and desert maps (Sand river) so the only thing is to find the folder name of any new map and simply copy another same map file in it and it is ready to go! Never needed so far to make changes inside those files and never found anywhere else this kind of shrub transparency. Everywhere is either 0% or 100%.

Welcome back Oblivion

Please please can you make the % version of no shrubs with trunks.

Been waiting so long for it to return…

there are any keys for off/on?

There is NO keys for on/off on speedtree folder. It is always on with trasnparency so it is something between on and off 😉
Dear George, this is only what i got. If you have used it in the past then it is the same no matter in which section i will post it!

finde der mod vorher war besser abgebrante bäime und transparente sträucher war spietze nun ict alles wech gar nicht gut
kann mann das ändern ?????

we need 9.9! its urgent :)))

thx, but this is the version for 9.8.1, not 9.9
some maps still have bushes.

Hi Oblivion. I tried your link ( and was amazed to find that even on Malinovka which changed somewhat recently, the bushes were diffuse but located correctly, as far as I could see. But then I tried Stalingrad, because it is a more recently added/new map. There, the bushes just completely did not display. So unfortunately, the future for new maps may look dimmer.

Is there anybody who could get the diffuse (or %) approach working on new maps?

this is the old file for 9.8.1. it doesnt work for all maps in 9.9.
ruinberg in winter for example shows all trees and bushes.
should we wait for 9.10? (this is my favorite mod for FPSdropping) thanx!

2flowerBoy: Try to replace “” in Staligrand’s folder with another “” from a folder of same map type (like winter, desert or summer) cuz i may put the wrong one.

update for 9.10?

no 9.10 yet?

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