T95. Hit zones

Front hit zone:

Front zone penetration

Side hit zone:

Side zone penetration

Rear hit zone:

Rear zone penetration

Commander logo – Commander Driver logo – Driver
Red – easy to hit zones.
Violet – ammo rack.
Green – engine.
Blue – fuel tank.
Gunner logo – Gunner Loader logo – Loader

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lower plate are weak spot

2 bob
Its only weak spot if you have over 250 pen and he is higher than you

How many tanks are able to hit the lower plate on a T-95?

Unless it’s sticking out over a ridge or hill forget it 🙂

Only tier 10 s can hit it from front09.09.14 at 3:40 pm

Only tier 10 s can hit it from front.that too selected few ones

i was able to penetrate t95 with jgdtiger with AP shell face to face. but needed some aiming however with APCR i was able to penetrate easily.

I guess you are gonna have to have over 9000 pen to get the ammo rack hahahahha

I have also noticed they i’m getting pend on the armor above the tracks on the fron of the tank for damage consistently.

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