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Author: Kodoku, Shotter, Lemon96, Dendyt

Hit zones of the tank

Description: Mod shows critical zones(shaded) of the tank. They are painted different colors. Each color has its own importance.

Commander logo – Commander Driver logo – Driver
Red – easy to hit zones.
Violet – ammo rack.
Green – engine.
Blue – fuel tank.
Gunner logo – Gunner Loader logo – Loader


To install the mod(Colored hit zones of the tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.3
Compatible with 9.3 game version.


Full version 70:
File size 321.0 MB
Torrent file. Download link – Hit zones of the tank. Full version 70. Torrent file
Download link – Hit zones of the tank. Full version 70

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597 thoughts on “Hit zones of the tank v.1(Shaded)”

  1. tm says:

    hey ed r u there?

  2. Tinamou says:

    Not all working with 9.2, any clue why ?

  3. chris says:

    doesnt work on 9.2

  4. Danos says:


    when for an update on 9.2 ? Most of the tank doesnt work.
    Thanks for your hard work !

  5. Ziros says:

    Chris, Tinamou. Just put the mod into the 9.2 folder. Mod works fine for me.

  6. Dwight Eisenhower says:

    Please update. Thank you.

  7. Danos says:

    Yes it still work but not all the tank is working. Some like IS become HD tank.
    Thanks !

  8. peter says:

    Ziros why do you lie? it does not work.. no tanks show up hit skin so.. i dont believe u i tried many times does not work on any of my german/russian tanks….

  9. dobri_vitamina11 says:

    Chris,i just take it off, but if does not work on 9.2 will not take it off! Thank you that you have written, it does not work :)

  10. just a man says:

    pls fix it for 9.2

  11. chris says:

    try to check other sites, i got an updated version elsewhere

  12. ed. says:

    up to 9.2

  13. Lion says:

    Thanks for your hard work to provide this great tool.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Danos says:

    Thank you but it seems to not work better than the old version, even worse. It’s me or ?

  15. Danos says:

    My bad, I didnt unrar all the files. Work perfect !
    Thanks a lot !

  16. Schimanski63 says:

    Na 9.2 nefunguje

  17. AL says:

    Ed, does this includes all tanks from different nations?
    If not, how many tanks are included per nation?

  18. ed. says:


    HT: KV-1, KV-1S, KV-2, KV-220(T), KV-3, KV-4, KV-5, IS, IS-3, IS-4, IS-6, IS-8, ST-1, T-150, Churchill III;
    MT: A-43, A-44, Matilda IV, KV-13, Object 140, Object 416, T-34, T-34-85, T-43, T-44, T-54, T-62A;
    TD: ISU-152, Object 268, Object 263, Object 704, SU-85, SU-100, SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54, SU-122-44; SU-152;
    LT: Valentine II;
    SPG: Object 212, Object 261, SU-14.


    HT: E-75, E-100, Lowe, Мaus, Tiger, Tiger P, Tiger II, VK3001(H), VK3601(H), VK 4502(A), VK 4502(P);
    MT: Е-50, E50 Ausf. M, Indien Panzer, Leopard 1, Leopard PT A, Panther II, Panther, Pz III/IV, Pz IV, PzKpfw IV-V, T-25, VK3001D, VK3002DB, VK3001(Р);
    TD: Dicker Max, Ferdinand, JagdPz IV, JagdPanther, JagdPanter II, JagdPz E-100, JagdTiger, JagdTiger 8,8 cm, StuG III;
    LT: Pz.38H 735 (f) (Hotchkiss), VK2801,
    SPG: GW Panther, GW Tiger, GW E


    HT: M48A1, M6, M6A2E1, M103, T1 Heavy, T14, Т29, T32, Т34, T57 Heavy, T110E5;
    MT: М26 Pershing, М46 Patton, M4A3E2, M4A3E8 Sherman, Ram II, SuperPershing, T20, T54E1, T69;
    TD: T18, T25 AT, T25\2, Т28, Т28 Prototype, Т30, Т95, T110E3, T110E4;
    LT: Chaffee, T71;
    SPG: M12, M40/43, T92;


    HT: AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50 B, ARL 44, B1, BDR G1B, FCM 50t;
    MT: Bat-Chatillon 25t, Lorraine 40t;
    TD: AMX Ac Mle 1946, AMX AC Mle 1948, AMX50 Foch, AMX Foch 155, ARL V39;
    LT: AMX 13 90, AMX 38, AMX40, Hotchkiss H35;
    SPG: Lorr. 155 51,Lorr. 155 50,Bat.Chat. 155;

    Great Britain:

    HT: Black Prince, Caernarvon, Churchill I, Churchill VII, Conqueror, FV215b;
    MT: Matilda Black Prince, Comet, Centurion, Centurion 7/1, FV4202;
    TD: AT 2, AT 7, AT 8, AT 15, Chuchill Gun Carrier, FV215b 183, Tourtoise;


    HT: 110, 112, 113, IS-2, WZ-111-4;
    MT: T34-1, T34-2, T34-3, Type T-34, Type 58, Type 59, WZ-120, WZ-121;
    LT: Type 62, WZ-131, WZ-132;

  19. peter says:

    works 9.3 ?

  20. otong says:

    @peter : I’m still using v9.2 on 9.3.
    worked well for me

  21. ed. says:

    up to 9.3

  22. G says:

    why is it not working on win 8.1 ? help plz

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