Hit zones of the tank v.1(Shaded)

Author: Kodoku, Shotter, Lemon96, Dendyt
Hit zones of the tank

Description: Mod shows critical zones(shaded) of the tank. They are painted different colors. Each color has its own importance.

Commander logo – Commander Driver logo – Driver
Red – easy to hit zones.
Violet – ammo rack.
Green – engine.
Blue – fuel tank.
Gunner logo – Gunner Loader logo – Loader

To install the mod(Colored hit zones of the tank), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.6
Compatible with 9.6 game version.

Full version 73:
File size 292.0 MB
Download link – Hit zones of the tank. Full version 73

Old versions:
Compatible with 9.5 game version.

Full version 72:
File size 301.0 MB
Download link – Hit zones of the tank. Full version 72

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2 Submachine:
if you use only this mod, you can rename “0.9.6” folder to “0.9.7” after the patch release

This mod is functional in version 0.9.8. HD beta.

Thanks Kokodu + Shotter + Lemon96 + Dendyt

Hello !
Any update for 9.8 with more tank ?
Keep good work ! Thanks !

this mod is not working anymore after 9.7… dead project

This mod working very well in my comp (0.9.8 HD beta). I deleted old version WoT and install clear 0.9.8 and after install this mod.

Only works on some tanks for SD

sorry but i have installed the last package, russian japanese and americains dont work. only french and some germans… i have copied files in the folder… help

Any update please ?

THis mod is illegal, correct?

Okay so why isn’t the M36 Jackson in the pack, yet i can click on it to see it’s penetration zones?

amigos sirve para la 9.10

mine doent wonna download it how can i do it, i tried to download the full version 73

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