Zoom (Sniper mode)

Author: Kriegstreibers, koshnaranek
Zoom (sniper mode)

Description: Multiple zooming in sniper mode. Up to 30x

To install the mod, download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.11 MB
Download link – Zoom (sniper mode)

132 comments on “Zoom (Sniper mode)”

thx dude, it works with 9.1 perfectly.

Never use sniper mods. i will erase my snipe mod, when completeley zoomed the shots are not accurate. today i killed an ally instead. where i am was completely different.

Th3Br0nyGam3r11.07.14 at 11:10 pm

Vedat. Zoom is just as accurate as arcade mod but more zoomed in. You really need to learn how to play World of Tanks. No matter what view you shot in, you would of hit your ally.

Mod does not work with 9.2 anymore, game is stuck before entering the map.

It doesn’t work for 9.2. The battle loader will go to 100% but you just won’t get into battle.

papabaer721231.07.14 at 4:10 pm

When it will work with 9.2?

Doesnt work. Makes your game crash to desktop as soon as you start the game from the launcher.

works with my 9.2 client

Yep, mod does not work with 9.2. I get to the menu screen in battle with the list of tanks, but no further. I even see tanks darken as they are destroyed but I see nothing else. πŸ™

same thing happens to me ,stop in the menu screen with the list of tanks ,no further

It works with 9.2 perfectly

you are sniper very bad for me .I’m installed sniper mod in my computer and than my computer is can’t play Game.

Nicely done with the sniper mode, but…
why make a separate “Arcade Mode” if you’re going to mash both things together? I was expecting the “Sniper Mode” to only have the zoom for sniper view, not arcade.
Just my preference. Wouldn’t hurt to remove the arcade zoom from THIS mod, right?

2 BullPit:
delete this file res_mods\ 0.9.2\gui\avatar_input_handler.xml

works well πŸ™‚

i love this mod…hope, it will works soon with 9.3

All mods are not Compatible with 9.3
Why is there info: “Compatible with 9.3, 9.2 game version.” ??

Sry, it’s working:) Thanks!

How do I down load it and is it compatible with the enw 9.5

2 mustang:
This secret information is available only for a narrow circle of the elect. But for you, I opened the door of mystery. All secret information can be found in the post. πŸ™‚

THEL3XM4STER11.02.15 at 2:16 pm

Hi ! please update this to 9.6 πŸ™‚

Doenst work on 9.6 to me … I stuck on Loadingscreen everytime – same to other zoom mods (Sry for bad english)

me too !!!

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