Zoom (Arcade mode)

Author: Kriegstreibers, koshnaranek

Description: Mod maximizes zoom out in Arcade mode

To install the mod(Zoom), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.06 MB
Download link – Distancing the camera

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Even after deleting SniperCamera.pyc, unzoom is not working in arty view, whereas zoom is fully working (too much). Any idea? Thank you !

even delete this file is not workinggggggggggggg!!!!!please helpppppppppp

its not so fair just we can zoom in – but cant + ….. not good

ED can you please fix this mod!! please!!!please !!

2 peter:
what problem with this mod do you have?
“big circle in sniper mode” – is it a problem?
maybe you want arty zoom…
download this http://wot-shot.com/artillery-zoom/

mate when i am in sniper mode for example, my gun is 0.34 the green circle is ver small!! when i put this mod the green circle is getting bigger!!you understand me now!!
before works fine after 8.6 is not working properly
i am using your gun sight of tank v.1. the green circle on sniper mod is inside of the two black lines see picture 2.When i install this mode the green circle come outside from the black lines.!!!See picture 2 on gun sight of tank v1.
I want to say to you thank you, you doing very good job.Thanks for everything I appreciate!

2 peter:
I’m sorry, but I can not help you in this

So I am supposed to out both folders in the 8.6-folder right? Do I have to do something with the script-folder? I put it in res_mods/8.6/, but i cant use the zoom. 🙁

2 NMS:
You did everything right. it should work in arcade mode.
to have arty zoom download this http://wot-shot.com/artillery-zoom/

It looks like you have removed the SniperCamera.pyc in the latest version (8.6.1). Is that correct?
If it is, then that’s really good, because then it will not collide with the snipercamera.pyc that the scope shadow remove-mod uses. Great stuff!

2 Grumpy_1:
yes, you’re right.

can i just drag and drop the file instead of extracting it to the location?

2 michael:

In the version for 8.6 i was able to change the scrollsensitivity in the avatar_input_handler.xml-file. It works very fine. And now whenever i change this xvm-file the wot-client dont starts completly. How can i change the scrollsensitivity?

The mod is one of the best mods!!!

Thx again M8, I always use your mods(id be lost without them), Big Thankyou p14b

How i diseable the server side circle, or at least let the server side but without the circle, just the cross.

Is this compatible with 8.7? And Can I change the Zoom settings by make the zoom values the same in each file???? Like Grandpas 4x Zoom Mod.. Cause his isn’t working with 8.7!!!Thx

i cant zoom out more than 100m in arty mode, despite of arcade mode works fine. could it be related with xvm? 8.7

2 veno:
it works in arcade mode only.
to have arty zoom, please download http://wot-shot.com/artillery-zoom/


For some reason just copying it in the folder doesnt give me the possibility of zoom options in game. Apart from dragging it into the folder do i need to use/toggle buttons to activate it?



2 Chrus:
no. it should work

Zoom out works in 8.9.3 but…
Sniper mode could be set to max zoom in limits

2 George:
thanks for the comments

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