Zoom (Arcade mode)

Author: Kriegstreibers, koshnaranek

Description: Mod maximizes zoom out in Arcade mode

To install the mod(Zoom), download and unzip to a folder – World_of_Tanks\res_mods\
Compatible with game version.

File size 0.06 MB
Download link – Distancing the camera

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Compatible with 8.9 game version

Compatible with 8.10 game version.

added video review

Mod doesnt work!!!

Works fine for me, many thanks.

Hey is there a way you can make this so its compatible with the ZoomIn mod? I cant install both becuase they both have the same files like Avatar_input_handler its really annoying please HELP!

This mod doesnt compare to the old distancing camera mod in 8.11 because it hardly zooms out at all, before it could zoom out all the way.

Please fix.

i agree it use to zoom out way more , thats the one i was looking for

This mod doesn’t zoom-out as much as the previous version (8.11). Any1 know a better 1?

Mod does not work with 9.2 anymore, game is stuck before entering the map.

finally…i have been waiting for the 9.2…thx

Hi, i noticed after the 9.2 compatibility update that my arty zoom also increases (illegal mod in NA server) I assumed it was due to this mod, and would like to know how to disable that feature, if you can confirm that it was not due to this mod, then i will need to do some other research into what may have been changed while installing. 🙁 thanks 🙂

Hey Guys.

I have a little big problem with the maximum zoom out in the arcade mode. Is there a way to change the maximum??

big thx

is it possible to customize the zoom levels? if so i would like to know what line of code of would need to change. (yes i know how to change it, just not sure where though)any help would be appreciated

Battle doesn’t start in 9.6

Don´t work in the latest client.

working, but mode sniper for arty if posible ?

update please31.03.15 at 7:04 pm

since a little update of WOT it dosent work anymore for me.

yep dont work in 9.6. battle wont start!I have xvm and standart damage panel mod installed

Artillery and sniper mode included

It appears that the link in this page (Arcade) is the mod for Sniper mode, not Arcade mode. The zip file names are identical, as are all the files in the zip files. Is that intentional, ie that the Arcade and Sniper mod packs are now the same?

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